Video call follow up

If your procedure has been straightforward and you have had an uncomplicated recovery it might be possible to have a video call follow up consultation. This may be particularly useful if you live /work abroad and have returned to see Mr Singh in the UK for treatment.

Please discuss this with Mr Singh when you have your treatment.

The end of a lovely summer

What a fabulous summer we’ve had in the UK!

Now the children have retuned to school and the weather is slowly becoming more autumnal please do get in touch with Mr Singh is you need to see him on 01252 783929 as before you know it Christmas will be here!

Contact Information

Just a reminder about our contact details

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Postal address:

Singh Surgical Partnership

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Spring Time!

At last some sunshine!

Just a reminder of our contact details:

Telephone/fax number 01252 783929, email address:

New Team Member

We are delighted to welcome Gill Smith to the Singh Surgical Partnership. She is working with Janette providing essential secretarial support. She has a wealth of knowledge and expertise as a medical secretary for 30 years. Welcome Gill!

360 Degree Feedback

Here are some of the comments Mr Singh received from his 360 degree appraisal from his multidisciplinary colleagues.

’An outstanding all rounder. Sukhpal is an excellent diagnostician, good communicator, caring doctor combined with superb technical abilities and an excellent teacher. He is a shining example of the very best that surgery has to offer – I would want him to care for my family members should they need surgery.’

’Mr Sukhpal Singh has excellent interpersonal skills with patients, colleagues, staff members, caters and relatives. He has compassion, empathy and utilises his outstanding clinical skills to the highest standard with all patients and their relatives. He is a diligent, polite Consultant who is always able to explain procedures to junior doctors, members of nursing staff and leads by example.