Please enjoy reading some of the feedback Mr. Singh has received from his patients over the last few years.

‘From the bottom of my heart, thank you very much for attending to my concerns and medical needs, for all of your time and effort of adding me to your list even though you were so busy. I deeply appreciate all of it.’                   D.V. Dec 17

‘Just a quick note to say thank you for all you have done for Dad, we all really appreciate your expertise.’ N.M. Dec 2017

‘I have not forgotten your skilful dealing with my case: your friendliness and honesty which instilled my trust in you. Your expertise and your decision making, I could not have wished for a better surgeon.’ L.H.Nov 17

‘I am somewhat compelled to write to thank you for your excellent and very helpful consultation. The last year has been very difficult and worrying with uncertain health symptoms and concerns. Your sensitive, inquisitive, genuine concern, time, and detailed questions have brought me much confidence that we can soon be able to in down and identify/diagnose my current health issues. I just wanted to thank you for making such a difference to me at this time.’ D.L June 17

‘Thank you so much for your prompt and thorough attention, it was comforting to know that you were involved when I was feeling awful, many thanks. D.P. June 17

‘Thank you for you kindness and being lovely. My op went well.’ C.W 2017

‘Thank you so much for sorting things out for me.’ M.D 2017

‘Just a short note to say thank you very much for all your time and care. I know G has great respect for you and I personally appreciate you seeing me so quickly and performing and arranging my surgery.’ C.H 2016

‘We would like to thank you so much for all the medical care and the kindness that you have shown since he came into hospital, I know that you have done everything possible to help him.’ S.C Sep 16

‘Im sending you a thank you card because of how you are looking after me, and for being so patient with me and for being a fab consultant.’ L.M Sept 2016

‘I’d like to say a big thank you for your kindness, care and skill this past month. I’m feeling much better now.’ S.L June 16

‘No doubt 27th June 2016 was for many people a normal working day. However for Mr. C.J and his family it was thanks to your brilliant skills, the day you gave back the chance of life and a future. Thank you again Mr. Singh we are forever in your debt and remain in awe of all that you do to help people like us.’ S.R.J June 2016

‘It is very important that I take this opportunity to to thank you for everything you did for me during that emergency operation on Saturday night in early June and for the care shown afterwards. Thankfully due to your care I felt so much better within 24 hours and I will never forget how you made me well again.’ D.G April 2016

‘I am ever so grateful for the care I’ve received from you over the last two years. you were the first person to take me seriously, and take care of me. I appreciate that so very much and can never thank you enough for the kindness. You are truly one of the most genuine and kind medical professionals that I ever met.’ T.H April 2016

‘I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to you for helping me through my illness, my thanks and gratitude.’ J.S Mar 2016

Thank you so much for all your help and reassurance about my digestive problems!’ H.J. Feb 16

‘Just a quick note to say thank you so much for what you are dong for me. I fell very honoured and privileged to be under your care.’ L.M Jan 2016

‘With thanks and much appreciation for your care, kindness and ultimately your surgical skills.’ L.W 2016

‘Thank you for all you have done for me, saving my life, you are a top surgeon.’ H.C 2015

‘Thank you for the wonderful ongoing care over the last two years. you’ve made things a lot more manageable.’ T.H Dec 2015

‘I wold like to say thank you to you. During my last consultation with you, you said that it had been a long journey, it has, but it is a journey I would not have been able to make had it not been for you. Thank you so much and I wish you well for the future.’ M.T Dec 2015

‘I would like to convey my gratitude to you for my recent lap chole operation. it was such a relief not to have hideous pain and I feel so much better now in many ways. Despite previous abdominal surgery making it complicated you took the time and trouble at the end of a long day to avoid open surgery. Thanks to your skill and expertise, my recovery has been much quicker. Many thanks. L.P. Sept 15

‘I would like to thank you for all your medical and emotional support.’ P.I. Aug 15

‘Dear Mr. Singh I would like to thank you for your caring skill in saving my life and for your kindness.’ J.P. June 14

‘Please pass on my thanks  to Mr. singh for his kind help and delightful manner over the last year or so.’ K.M July 2014

‘Dear Mr Singh I wanted to write and personally thank you for your professional care and empathy shown to me during my recent stay at Frimley Park Hospital. Under difficult circumstances you gave me faith and trust and I would like to give you my sincere thanks.’ L.S Sept 2014

‘we would like to thank you most sincerely for taking up the post operative procedures which proved necessary for A’s operation. With grateful thanks for all your help. S.M Sep 2014

‘I just wanted to write this note to thank you for all your vigilant care and attention over the past few years without that we are not sure where I would be today, THANK YOU. I started the chemo yesterday and hope to kick this back into remission. Hope to see you in a few months so you can keep your watchful eye over me. H.D 2014

‘I am writing this short note to thank you most sincerely for expediting your report on my EUS. I know how busy you are and the pressures you endure as routine.’ J.H. Oct 2013

‘Thank you for all the work you did on me. I marvel at all you can do and do do! I.M Dec 2013

‘I do want to send you my grateful thanks for everything you have done to keep me alive! Im recuperating well, and being well fed by my dear wife. It is not often that one has the privelege to receive daily visits from a leading Consultant. Im a very lucky person, and I fell humbled and grateful for your amazing care.’ P.H Aug 2013

‘I am writing this letter to compliment you on the excellent treatment I have received at Frimley Park over the period of the last 6 weeks. I have had all the procedures possible to find a prognosis to which I am most grateful.’ L.R Aug 2013

‘Just a little not to thank you for looking after me when I cam into Frimley Park Hospital earlier this year to have my umbilical hernia operated on and put back in me!’ P.R May 2013


360 Degree Colleague and Patient Feedback for Revalidation

This feedback is a type of supporting information that Mr. Singh must collect and reflect on at the time of his appraisal for his revalidation. Revalidation aims to give you the patient greater confidence that Mr. Singh is up to date in the area of medicine in which he practices. His revalidation means that he continues to hold a licence to practice.

Please enjoy reading the following comments:

‘Mr. Singh was very professional and also very considerate.’

‘Feel very comfortable and reassured by tis doctor, he is very kind and accommodates my concerns.’

‘Polite and understanding.’

‘I was very satisfied with this doctor.’

‘Very calm, very clear and confident.’

‘Mr. Singh is very good and helpful.’

‘Lovely and considerate.’

‘As always very approachable.’

‘I couldn’t ask for better consideration about everything from Mr Singh.’

‘I felt the Consultant took time to listen to my symptoms in great detail and was extremely helpful in explaining any medical terms I did not understand. he had a wonderful manner and made me feel totally at ease. This is my first consultation but I would definitely recommend him to others, a wonderful consultant.’